Rolled Ice Cream: How the trending treat is made and where to find it

So, rolled ice cream, the latest trend in frozen treats. So, super cute and super instagrammable, right! So, what is it?

Rolled ice cream, ice cream rolls, stir-fried ice cream or ice pan ice cream is just what it sounds like: a hand made ice cream dessert consisting of four to five little ice cream rolls that are packed into a cup and topped with different extras ranging from fresh fruits, chocolate chips and nuts to gummy bears, toasted marshmallow….

This whole yummy thing is totally mesmerizing!

Getting ice cream is always fun. But getting this trendy summer dessert is a whole new culinary experience because you watch how the frozen concoction is being made from scratch in front of you.

How do they make rolled ice cream?

Unlike regular ice cream where the freezing process involves churning in an ice cream machine, the process of making roll up ice cream happens onto a cooled to -35 degrees Celsius metal pan, rolled ice cream machine, and it takes about two-three minutes for the liquid cream base to turn into frozen state. Here is how it works:

  1. It starts with pouring the liquid ice cream base on the extremely cold metal pan. The options for the base can range from whole milk, low-fat milk, skim milk or soy milk (usually there’s also a frozen Yogurt option).
  2. Different toppings are being folded and chopped in using two metal spatulas. By continuously mixing and stirring in the cold pan, the mixture freezes and solidifies.
  3. Once the base is frozen solid, it is spread over the pan and flattened out in a thin layer. It’s then scraped up into rolls of ice cream. The rolls are then placed on end in a cup and topped with a variety of toppings like chocolate chips, cookies, graham crackers, chocolate sauce and fruits, among others.

The resulting ice cream is super creamy and the thorough chopping means there are mix-ins in every bite.

The whole process of making roll up ice cream takes about two-three minutes and looking at it is just as fun as eating the trendy dessert.

Here's a video of the interesting process of making ice cream rolls:

Where to find rolled ice cream near you

Rolled ice cream is originally a Thai frozen treat that is commonly sold by street vendors. It started to gain popularity around the world in the recent year.

Rolled ice cream can easily be found in NYC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia, and it generally sells for about $7 for a generous serving.

In NYC the most popular ice cream shop is 10Below Ice Cream with locations in Chinatown, Queens, Lower East Side and East Village. Visitors share that it’s totally worth the long wait because of the entire experience and unlimited toppings.

In the UK rolled ice cream is growing popularity thanks to Pan-N-Ice. Their locations in London are in Westfield Stratford and Selfridges Food Hall. Just looking at their Instagram feed makes you crave some hand crafted ice cream and froyo rolls.

If the trending rolled ice cream hasn’t arrived near you, you can give this mouth-watering sweet treat a try when you travel.

Note: This post contains affiliate links for the ice cream machines.